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Addiscombe 1556 comes under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey. Established in 1878, Addiscombe has been practicing the ancient art of Craft Freemasonry for over a hundred years.

We are a friendly group of around 40 guys with great comradeship who enjoy making new friends, contributing to society, celebrating a long tradition, experiencing personal growth, taking up a hobby and most of all having fun.

Our Lodge holds four official meetings each year on the second Saturday of November, January, March and April at The Croydon & District Masonic Hall at 73 Oakfield Road CR0 2UX. 


Although we are officially a Croydon lodge, our members are are spread from Croydon, all the way to the south coast. Being a central point and having several member here, Social events are usually in or around the Horley area.

We strive to help look after the community by raising money at a local level and giving out of our own pockets. We share this with local charities, regional charities and national charities. In general, Freemasons in the UK, give to charity many millions of pounds every year. This is a major part of any Masonic Lodge, 

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